String Quartet no. 2

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Serial MK025
Comp/Arr McGregor
Instr. str4tte
Grade E

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1st movement (edit) 2nd movement (edit) 3rd movement (edit)

                              Duration: 25 minutes

This, the second string quartet by Ivor McGregor, was writtten for, and first performed by the Leo Quartet in 2008, after being commisioned by Byron Parish.
The recording below is by the Leo Quartet and was recorded in early 2012 at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, in Plymouth.

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John Meadows
26 Apr 2012

Arguably the afternoons highlight, Ivor McGregor’s second string quartet, is a substantial three-movement work which takes it’s inspiration from Cornish childhood memories. Even if there is nothing essentially Celtic in the writing, the visual allusions were always evident, in a piece which has that enviable ability to create passages of uninhibited romantic expression, while still couched in a more dissonant harmonic language.

review by Philip R Buttall in the Peninsula Art’s Contemporary Music Festival 2012

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