Bach Cello Suites for Bass Clarinet

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Suite 1: Courante Allemande (Suite 2)

The availability of good music for the bass clarinet is not as extensive as other instruments and this is why many people have found themselves playing the cello suites. Not only is the music of extremely high quality but the range of both cello and bass clarinet is remarkably similar and so I have selected movements that suit the bass clarinet the best. As the cello reads in bass clef, I wanted to offer clarinettists the option of playing here in both treble and bass clef.

The bass clef version is very similar to the original with grace notes to represent the cellos double-stopping and the obvious inclusion of breath marks! Some people will find the treble clef version easier to read. The option is also available to simplify awkward octave leaps by putting a single note up an octave to make it more suited to the instrument. If you want to play as Bach originally intended then that option is also available.

Finally, I must thank Lenny Sayers (principle bass clarinettist with BBC NOW) for his input in editing this publication. The insight he has brought to this project has allowed a more unified and enlightened experience of J.S. Bach’s music.

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